Hello, I'd like to introduce you to my cartoon creations. There is Mr. Theodore Gay (aka Theo), a happy-go-lucky fellow with a fey debonair touch who is completely happy in his harmless lunacy. Theo is of Franco-American background and often dabbles in Franglais. He is also the proud owner of Chiclet, a spunky little pink female Scottish Terrier. Theo and Chiclet live in Manville, a quiet little town with a population of 12. Theo makes friends easily and spreads happiness to all those he comes in contact with; he loves people, joy is his life and his dog, Chiclet, is his love. Also residing in Manville, just next door to Theo, is Mr. Willy Bay, Theo's friend and lover. Theo and Willy have known each other for many years and are inseparable. They are both very handsome and are a zany pair to behold. Where Theo goes, Willy follows and they are always getting into funny situations, much to the consternation of Chiclet. Chiclet loves them both; she is a very sweet, faithful and patient dog. Together Theo, Willy and Chiclet are all one happy family.

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Mon Cher Ami

Mon Cher Ami (18" x 18")

Theo lands in jail for a minor infraction

Deux Amis

Deux Amis (18" x 20")

The boys love wintertime fun!

Mr. Gay Loves Poetry

Mr. Gay Loves Poetry (16" x 20")

Theo loves Walt Whitman,
reads him all the time

Mr. Gay Goes Scottish

Mr. Gay Goes Scottish (20" x 20")

Angus, Theo's fun-loving Scottish relative

Il Pleut!

Il Pleut! (18" x 24")

Theo and Willy are always
bumbling on the job

Les Deux Copains

Les Deux Copains (18 " x 18")

Chiclet, Theo and Willy. What a trio!

Theo et Willy Ennuyé

Theo et Willy Ennuyé (20" x 16")

Miss Lulu has a crush on the boys

Theo et Willy Close Up

Theo et Willy Close Up (16" x 20")

Glad to meet you!
We're Theo and Willy.

Just Married!

Just Married! (20" x 20")

Theo and Willy's honeymoon

La Joie de Monsieur Gay

La Joie de Monsieur Gay (18" x 18")

Theo loves the outdoors,
nothing like mountain air

Monsieur Gay et Clark

Monsieur Gay et Clark (18" x 18")

Theo is a big fan of Clark Gable!

Les Chiots De Chiclet

Les Chiots De Chiclet (20 " x 16")

Theo takes Chiclet and her puppies
for a walk at the fair

Verbotene Liebe!

Verbotene Liebe! (20" x 24")

Theo and Willy take a vacation trip
to Germany 1939

Zeus 437 B.C.

Zeus 437 B.C. (24 " x 24")

Theo and Willy meet Zeus in ancient Greece

Danger Men At Work

Danger Men At Work (18 " x 18")

Mr. Gay loves attention but Chiclet
doesn't like it at all!

Monsieur Gay Va Le Ski

Monsieur Gay Va Le Ski (14" x 18")

Mr. Gay loves skiing in the cold

Le Cinéaste

Le Cinéaste (18 " x 18")

Joan, please! No more shoulder pads!

Monsieur Gay Va Le Ski

Theo et La Petite Marie (16" x 20")

Theo has a female admirer, Marie!

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